I create experiences.

My Work

Publications & Writing Credits

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My Mad Skillz

Storyteller. Game Designer. Programmer.


  • Fiction
    • Narrative Design
    • Game Writing
    • Prose
    • Interactive
    • Scriptwriting
  • Non-Fiction
    • Journalism
    • Technical
    • Copy

Game Design

  • Unity (C#)
  • Flixel (AS3)
  • Divinity Engine
  • Galaxy Editor
  • G.E.C.K. Toolset
  • Shadowrun Returns Toolset
  • Twine
  • Blender 3D
    • Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Rigging
    • Animation
  • 3ds Max, Maya


  • Javascript [Expert]
    • Native
    • Backbone
    • Underscore
    • HTML5
    • Video
    • Canvas
    • WebGL
    • Riot
    • D3
    • jQuery
    • Grunt
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • php
  • WebGL

You name it, I can learn it. And I love learning new things.


  • HTML & HTML5 [Expert]
    • WebGL
    • Web Video
    • Advanced Canvas Techniques
    • Cross-browser
    • Backwards-Compatible
  • CSS & CSS3 [Expert]
    • Sass Techniques
    • Transitions
    • Motion
    • Animation

General Dev

  • Git & GitHub
  • Version Control Best Practices
  • Command Line Interfaces
  • Database Queries
  • Data Manipulation & Visualization
  • Agile Methodologies

About Me

I'm also a person!

Who is this guy anyway?

I am a creator and craftsman driven by unquenchable curiosity and a desire to create joy. I strive for excellence in every task, knowing there is always more to learn.

As a published writer, a passionate game designer, and an accomplished web software engineer with a background in art and design, I bridge the divide between creative and technical while speaking the language of both.

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Recent Achievements

  • Became Narrative Lead on Potions: A Curious Tale
  • Started working as a Game UI & Web Programmer at ArenaNet, the studio behind the Guild Wars franchise.
  • Learned the Divinity Engine toolset and created Loveshorn in Glenrock.
  • Pitched & spearheaded ambitious project called Tarnhelm which retained >$48 million in revenue which would have been lost; plus increased projected 2016 revenue by >$50 million
  • Received multiple awards for performance as a Design Technologist at IMDb.
  • A new short story publication (Available mid-2017).
  • Wrote Segfault[0]: Mad Hatter which placed as a finalist in the Write-A-Game Challenge 2015 (#WAGChallenge).
  • Rebuilt Summoner: The Bescarfed in Unity 2D (C#) after initial Actionscript 3/Flixel Prototype.
  • Learned the Shadowrun Returns toolset, created The Skeleton Key.
  • Wrote a short voice over script for Asgard Run.
  • Created this spiffy website.